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Addressing appearance of fine lines, blemishes, dull, dehydrated skin, and uneven skin tone, our formulation is infused with antioxidants, enzymes, and highly concentrated plant extracts that address the root causes of aging skin.

Cellular Renewal Serum is a potent, hydrating concentrate that noticeably improves skin luminosity, clarity, and overall health with a luxuriously light formulation that works to regenerate skin on a cellular level.

Hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and nourishing ingredients reverse wrinkle formation while renewing, refining, and recapturing your skin’s natural youthful glow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I have been using this serum for a while now and I can’t live without it. It somehow helps with my acne and without it I always break out. I will be a customer for life!


I've only been using the cellular renewal serum for just a couple of weeks and I've noticed that my skin seems slightly softer and more hydrated. I'm looking forward to the days ahead to see more improvement!

Using every drop...

This serum is spendy, and I'd still like to know the ingredients, but my skin LOVES it. Absorbs beautifully with or without using Mira "infuse" setting for applying it, and in tandem with using Mira regularly, is making a dramatic difference to the texture and elasticity of my skin.

W. Kim
This Serum is Magical!

Not exactly sure why, but this serum is amazing at calming my skin. Since the pandemic and masking etc, my skin has been super sensitive to contact with anything. I don't remember the last time I was this prone to breaking out. With this, things have calmed down immensely, and it feels like my protective layer of skin is being restored. Not sure how else to describe it. Love it.

Disliked like it first and can’t LIVE without it now

I will be really honest, despite how much I love all of the other LA LUER products. The cellular Renewal Serum was something I didn’t like at the beginning.

To be fair, I only used it once after I received it and had decided it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the smell (later realized its because there is no added fragrance). Also didn’t like the feel on my skin . It was put into "the give away skincare box”. I even told all of my friends that they should try everything LA LUER except the cellular Renewal Serum.

BUT I was so WRONG after I decided to give the Serum a second chance after reading the three reviews. For one I use similar products as one of the reviewer and also have very similar skin type. I really try to give my skin the best products ( sometimes hoping the most expensive one will do the trick but that is not the case).

Anyway, I decided I will use the LA LUER Serum for 7 days and just see what it can do. My skin was able to endure Taiwan summer humid weather with daily mask requirement and I had very minimal breakout. My skin is glowing (of course I also use MIRA everyday) and all of my friends and relatives asked me what I did. They have never seen my skin so good in my life ( even if they can only see my forehead because of the masks). My skin was able to endure Europe dry and cold weather. I actually ran out of my serum in Paris this past week so I decided there is no harm to just use whatever samples I got there for two days until I am home. I had the most horrific allergic reaction, my eyes were watery, sneezing, and it wasn’t until my sister pointed out my face was swollen / red during FT that I realized I am allergic to the samples I am using. ( I was so afraid I got sick while traveling, good thing it was just allergic reaction). I stop using the sample immediately and was glad to have my serum back. My skin was really hurting the first night when I am back on the serum routing but my swollen has gone away and my face is no longer red.

I have waited for almost a year ( and 7 bottles later ) to write this review just because I want to make sure its something I can use for a long term and I really like it. I am now on monthly Cellular Renewal Serum program because I get nervous when I run out. Paris was really an accident because I wanted to pack light and although the allergic incident was horrify, it also tells me that the Serum is really doing great thing for my skin.

My skincare routine now consists of the following:
1. Avene Cleasing Gel (Face Wash)
2. LA LUER Mira (Hyaluronic Gel)
3. LA LUER Cellular Renewal Serum
4. La Prairie Eye Gel

I know there are people like me out there who really wants to try new things but and is afraid to try at the same time. Our skin is so sensitive and prone to acne that we are just so scare yet want to be hopeful the next product can be our magical answer. The LA LUER Serum is my magical answer. Its so light yet so hydrating. It doesn’t smell good yet its so protective of my sensitive skin. Give it a chance like how I gave it a second chance. It may just be your go to like it has become mine. =)

Sorry I have written another essay, but I figure it will be able to help another person like me =)