We're ALL Your Devices In One

Unlike other devices on the market that feature one to three technologies, La Luer® is the first company to patent and integrate 6 of the most advanced dermal technologies into an all-in-one at-home skin care tool delivering both real and visible results.

  • Smooth appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lift and tighten jawline
  • Brighten dull, dehydrated skin

Results you can
see and feel
after one use


3 Easy Steps

Apply Gel

Apply a thick mask like layer of our Hyaluronic Conductive Gel over all treatment areas.

Hold to Activate Facial Treatment System

Hold power button for 5 seconds to power on.  Lightly tap button to switch between treatment modes.

Glide Mira Over Treatment Areas

Glide Mira over treatment areas in upwards and outward motions towards ears.  Apply more gel if necessary.

The Innovation Your Skin Has Been Waiting For 


Dramatic lifting, tightening, smoothing, and brightening.


One powerful product for all your skin needs.


Feel it working. See skin transform.


Your esthetician in a box.


Experience the Power of Technology

Our patented technologies help you get high performance results you would expect from professional facials from the comfort of home.

The key to radiant, healthy glowing skin:

• Microcurrents
• Three Full Spectrum Photo-Facials
• Ultrasound Technology
• Radio Frequency
• Ion Infusion
• Sonic Pulsations 


Life Changing Product!

Since I started using Mira my face looks completely different. It’s so exhilarating to see instant results and it makes the investment so worth it.

- Melissa

Didn't realize how much of a difference it was making until I stopped for a bit

None of the products I have used compare to the results I get with Mira. I have really been surprised at how different my skin looks not using it. I am sold. You will not be disappointed.

- Sue

The home facial maintenance you didn’t know you needed

With my professional treatments, my skin could look slightly better for a few days, but with MIRA, the consistent use has finally gotten my pore size and texture to an improved state I wasn’t able to achieve before. 
- W. Kim

Renewed Confidence in my Skin

TMira’s enhancement to my life and appearance far exceeds the minimal time and effort I need to exert to enjoy its gift.

- Vicky S.

Simple, Fast, Effective + Immediate - No Regrets!

It was crazy how immediately I saw results – we did one side of my face together, and I was SO amazed by the immediate lift I got. Compact and all-in-one - a true game changer to my skincare routine!

- Ayumi

Happy Wahine (lady)

Seeing the results keep me inspired and always look forward to use it! People have commented of how my skin looks younger and fresh, and asked what I use for my skin care. I highly recommended.

- Myrna

A Lifechanger!

I tried both incorporating and taking out different skin care products, but nothing seemed to work. I reduced my daily skin care routine to just the basics and added in using the Mira for about 5-10 minutes a day and my skin has improved so much!

- Aya

In The Press

Crafted with Love, Backed by Science

"I was inspired to create our Facial Treatment System because I was overwhelmed with all the available options on the market, and frustrated with trying dozens of products and treatments before finding one that actually works.

Skincare shouldn't be complicated, and you shouldn't need a 20-step skincare routine or a cabinet full of products to get good skin.

As a consumer myself, I felt the pains many people faced:
• Topical treatments took time, and many would irritate my sensitive skin.
• Frequent spa visits would be ideal, but they add up, and I couldn't find time.
• Existing devices feature 1-3 technologies, so I would need 6+ devices to get the results I wanted from spas.

I made it my mission to create a product that improved my skin tone, texture, and hydration all with one use. Melding my background in science with my experience in product development, I partnered with a team of physicians, chemists, and engineers to develop our device from scratch.  We spent years drafting, testing, creating, and finally launching La Luer®, promising healthy glowing skin that only gets better with time!

We're now the first device on the market to integrate 6 technologies into 1 device holding multiple patents."

-Nicole Chau
 CEO / Founder

A Skin Routine As Dynamic As Your Skin Itself

As your skin evolves and as the seasons change, so should your routine.  We help you develop a simple regimen unique to you.

Equipped with the power of personalization, our tool offers four specific treatment modes, Detox, Tone, Lift, and Infuse.  Each mode is associated with a specific set of technologies to not only simplify, but optimize skincare.

Go through all 4 treatments for a comprehensive facial, or custom tailor your own facial regimen by focusing specifically on your mode of choice. 



La Luer is the first company to successfully integrate 6 technologies into 1 device across 4 specific treatments and holds multiple utility and design patents.
U.S. Patent Number: 10525277, D895126, D901699.


Our Facial Treatment System is assembled here in California and made with medical-grade, safe, and non-toxic materials.


With one of the largest bases on the market, we're designed to perform.  Our system features an ultrasound probe, 6 premium stainless steel microcurrent and RF probes, and 28 LED microchips.  We ensure maximum contact between skin and device which allows you to see more results with less time.


There should be no barriers
to getting great skin


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