The Story Behind La Luer®


La Luer® stems from the French word for light.
We want people to see the light within themselves without the layers of makeup.

Late into my 20s, my skin started acting up. I was breaking out, my skin was dry, sensitive, inflamed, and I saw the first signs of aging under my eye, in the folds by my nose, and on my forehead. My face looked as tired and stressed as I felt.

It affected my confidence so much; I would never step out of the house without a thick layer of foundation.

Desperate to find a fix, I tried everything– products with perfect reviews, at-home holistic remedies, and prescription topicals...I had a 20 step nighttime routine.

Ironically, the more I did, the worse my skin got. I felt frustrated, helpless, and defeated as nothing I did worked.

"I created La Luer® because
there should be no barriers to getting good skin"

I later discovered facials utilizing beauty technologies in a medispa, and fell in love with the machines they used.

I knew consistency was key, but as someone juggling a full time job, getting weekly treatments just wasn’t feasible.

In search of the perfect at-home tool, I wanted something that was comprehensive in terms of technologies incorporated, that gave instant results I could see and feel, and that improved skin health.  Someone with hormonal acne and fine lines could address their skin woes with the same tool.

Unsuccessful in my search, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own.

1000+ Prototypes

There was nothing on the market that integrated 6 technologies into 1 across 4 specific treatments.

Determined to bring this to market, I partnered with 5 engineers and created the first prototypes for La Luer®. I was told countless times, by engineers that it was impossible to fit all 6 technologies into 1 tool.

In my heart however, I knew I could create something more comprehensive, and change the way people care for their skin.  With obsession over the smallest details and persistence, I found the right partners who shared my vision, and 2 years later, launched La Luer at CES in 2019 alongside tech giants!

We now have 3 patents protecting our technologies–2 design and 1 utility patent for the integration of 6 into 1.

The first time I used our Facial Treatment System, I knew it would help many others struggling with the same issues I had. Skin tech should be accessible and affordable. People with busy schedules shouldn’t need to make compromises. 

With La Luer®, you get results fast. Results build with consistent usage, and there’s no downtime.

My skin always feels clearer, tighter, and brighter after every treatment– a feeling so many La Luer® customers attest to too. I believe beautiful skin stems from healthy skin, and the key to healthy skin is not only applying the right topicals but tapping into and leveraging your own skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself with beauty technologies.

My goal with La Luer® is to continue creating products that fit into every person’s lifestyle–whether you’re 18 or 80+, there’s a solution for you!  Thank you for being a part of our journey!

- Nicole Chau, Founder


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